Private Coaching:

Individualized training for hairdressers wanting to increase their income or work on specific areas of their business
For New hairdressers or starting a business from scratch
Don’t just survive—Thrive in your career
Learn how to:
• Create a system to run your business
• Set up an easy client record system
• Market yourself to successfully build a clientele

For Experienced hairdressers who are struggling to make ends meet
Figure out what isn’t working for your business and what you need to change
Learn how to:
• Network to get new clients
• Talk confidently about your skills and attract clients to your chair
• Harness the power of becoming an expert and how you can make more income

For Experienced stylists that want to take their business to the next level
Learn how to:
• Make more money in your day—learn how to work with an assistant
• Work with 2 or more assistants
• Double-book and keep clients happy
• Navigate the Pros & Cons of having employees

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