Becoming A Master of Your Money

“Money, Money, Money makes the world go round.” This quote from the play “Cabaret” says it all for the world we live in today. As artists, we don’t want to believe that we are in it for the money. Each of us start with the fantasy that if I just do great hair, then clients will bang down my door and I will be rich!

Well, you probably understand now that it doesn’t quite work that way. So how do we get you to a place that will be like that? My answer is that first you need to gain a basic understanding of money as it relates to your business. Know where your stand. Then take the action to arm yourself with the tools to build system around your money so you can focus on what you are good at and you don’t need to worry about the money.

Please, don’t beat yourself up if you are not savvy on anything in finance. We are artists and for most of us this it does not come easy. For me, it’s like a “sin,” meaning I hate it. Hence the motto!!!!

Most hairstylists I work with have a passion for hair and… finances, not so much. Just know it is something that is learned. And there are some simple systems you can put into place so you too can become “a master of your money.” You just have to be willing to take that first step and see your money for what it is.


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