Test Your Confidence

There is never just one answer for the question, “How confident are you?” Why? Because there are so many different “yous!” There is the person, the hairdresser, the skilled operator, you might be a mother, a wife or a husband, the single you, the platform artist, you might be a dancer or a kick boxer. The point is all these different parts of you have different levels of confidence. You may be great with people and be able to talk with anyone, but if you don’t feel confident with your skills, the moment you start working with a client’s hair all the bravado goes right down the drain.

The good thing is that if you are great with people, you have half the battle won when it comes to hairdressing. So the measuring stick with confidence is sometimes a hard thing for people to understand. People tell me all the time, “You are so confident and you are such a great speaker.” But what they don’t know is that at one time in my life I was so shy. I had a really hard time talking to anyone—let alone getting on stage! How did I change? Well, in this case, I took acting lessons; Stage—no less! It was really hard at first, getting up in front of people and speaking, but what I learned was to reach deep inside for my “other self.” Then, it was not me up there, it was the “educator me;” the part of me that is not shy, who has such a passion to share my knowledge. As long as I’m clear with what I am speaking about, the fear goes away. So now, when I speak in front of an audience, I just focus on the message, not the fear.

So when it comes to being a hairdresser, it is so important that we are confident in what we do so we will not pass fear to our clients. Once they feel any kind of fear or lack of confidence from us, often clients don’t return—“She did a good job, she just didn’t seem to know what she was doing.” Clients don’t want to worry when they are in your chair. They want to relax and trust you.

So click here to download our fun self-confidence test and see where you are at! This test is for your eyes only so it is important to be honest with yourself. Find out where you are most confident and where you may need help. There are so many ways to build confidence, and here at the academy, it is a big piece of what we work on. You just need to take that first step and find out where you stand. Once you have mastered your fear, nothing will stop you!


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