Turning Your Talents into the Lifestyle you deserve.

You love to cut, color, tease, and work hair to look Fantastic but do you know how to make $$ doing what you love?

This is the single biggest challenge for hairdressers today.

“Understanding the value of your time.”

You have heard the saying that “Time is $$” – well this is the truth.

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If you can just understand this one concept–you will have the opportunity to make changes that will enable you to increase your income.

  1. If you are booked solid and you still are not making ends meet, our training is for you.
  2. If you are not charging what your worth, we can help you get there.
  3. If you are an excellent stylist but you can’t pay the rent, we can teach you the skills to become a more productive, profitable stylist.
  4. If you are stuck at a plateau and want to take your business to six figures but you just don’t know what that next step is for you, this is for you.


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